Construction Financing

If you’ve been thinking about developing a custom home Benson can supply you with the financing you need to make it a reality.


Building Your Own Home

More and more often Canadians decide to create homes that include customized features to represent their personal tastes as defined by their unique lifestyles. Building your own home is an ideal scenario where you can ensure you are getting the exact specifications that you’re looking for, however sometimes unexpected financial challenges can come up. 

This is exactly where Benson can offer support. With our extensive experience managing construction mortgages, we offer guidance through the entire process. One of our representatives will make it a priority to thoroughly explain important facts and details that you need to know about from the beginning of the project right up until your move in date. 

Here are a few important things to consider:
  • Working with a certified architect to design your home
  • Requirements for a construction mortgage
  • Proactively monitoring construction costs for your home build
  • Selecting the right contractor or developer
  • Contracts and agreements with vendors
  • Value of land for your site build


Types of Construction Loans

Construction Loans for Condos

Benson provides construction loans for low, mid and high-rise condominium projects. 

  • Debt
  • Mezzanine
  • Equity 
Freehold Construction Loans

We offer financing for single family and duplex homes.

Commercial Construction Loans

Benson can provide financing for commercial structures such as hotels, strip malls, residential complexes and business office buildings.

Getting a Benson Construction Mortgage will enable you to provide for the cost of buying the best building lot in addition to the development costs of building any customized home. If you already own a lot, or even if you are still on the hunt for that perfect space one of our brokers will be able to help you with all of your financing requirements.